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Registered and Founded in Tianjin, China, February 2003, Tianjin Urban Development Law Office (Kunpeng Law Office) is a law firm that delivers professional legal services for international and domestic clients. We adopt management regulations that meet the international standard, sophisticated operation processes and rich local and international experiences.

Tianjin Urban Development Law Office (Kunpeng Law Office) excels all kinds of legal affairs that involve investment in Tianjin, especially in the real estate, infrastructure construction and business operation fields. In addition we have successfully served the domestic and foreign invested enterprises in Tianjin.

Tianjin Urban Development Law Office enlivens in the local legal circle, and has established good working relations with the local judiciary and government departments. Meanwhile we maintain good cooperating relations with many advanced law institutions, law research institutes, accounting firms, engineering consultant organizations, agency companies for tendering, market investigation and study organizations, news media and so on. And we have ability to integrate all kinds of specialized resources and provide omni-directional legal and other intermediary services for clients.