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Land & Real Estate

 Land collection, acquisition, transferring of right of use
 Legal services in land acquisition and transfer
 Legal services in gaining right of use for land developers
 Legal services in land lease and mortgages
 Legal services for real estate project throughout the project lifecycle
 Legal services during project investment decision making phase (including legal demonstration for real estate projects, legal planning for cooperating scheme, participate in engineering negotiation; assist investors in establishing project companies etc.)
 Legal services during project development/construction phase (including legal services in planning permit; legal services in housing resettlement and vacating; legal affairs for tendering; assist in project final accounts; legal services in claims and counter claims)
 Legal services during project lease and operating phase (including legal examination of advertisement, legal training of employees; drafting contracts and related legal documentation; manage developers’ security responsibility for mortgages, and provide legal assistance for housing payments etc.) 
 Other legal services (including providing full-course legal services for capital operations for which real estate projects are the carrier, and legal consultancies and services related to projects)
 Legal services for municipal housing removal
 Legal services in infrastructure investment planning, project construction and operation
 Finance and insurance